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Make items available for students

Add items to High Demand

We can add items to the High Demand Collection if you predict demand will be particularly high. Students may consult these items on a short-term loan. Loan periods are:

  • books: 4 hour loan
  • CDs: 1 day loan
  • DVDs, Blu-ray and VHS: either 4-hour, 1-day or standard loan (default is 1 day).

We can also add items to the High Demand Collection in an emergency, for example if ordered copies have not arrived or demand is higher than expected. It gives more students a chance to use a books where we only have a limited numnber of copies.

Make a request

Complete a transfer request form if you want to add printed material held elsewhere in the Library to the High Demand Collection.

Add your own material

Teaching staff may temporarily place their own personal copies of books, periodicals or AV materials in the High Demand Collection for students to borrow. As we don’t own the items, we store them in a locked cupboard and do not give them Library ownership stickers or security triggers. Once demand ceases, or you instruct us, we will withdraw the items and return them to you.

Download a lecturer's own printed material request form (PDF) if you want to add your own material, such as books, journals or DVDs. Please complete a form for each item you wish to be added to the High Demand Collection.

Add unpublished material

Download an unpublished material request form (PDF) if you want to add unpublished material such as typescripts, manuscripts, and photocopied theses. You will need to also provide the signature of the copyright owner (we don't accept electronic signatures). You must inform us if the item is subsequently published as we cannot then keep the unpublished manuscript.

If you want the Library to purchase new titles or extra copies of titles, please use our book suggestion form.

Deadline for requests

Please send your requests two weeks before the start of the semester.

We will not turn down requests received after the deadline, but we will prioritise those made on time and cannot guarantee when late requests will be available.

During the semester, we aim to make material available within two weeks of receiving a request. Items that are already out on loan or those we have to buy may take longer.

What is in the High Demand Collection

We keep the following items in the High Demand Collection:

  • books and periodicals transferred temporarily from Main and Core Text collections
  • books bought specifically for the High Demand Collection
  • CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray and VHS tapes
  • Ordnance Survey maps.

High Demand items are shelved in the Laidlaw Library and Health Sciences Library.

Removal of items

Due to space restrictions we expect to hold 10–15 essential items per course at any one time. We review and move items that are no longer in high demand from the collection.

Contact us

If you have any queries, please contact the Laidlaw Library Collection Services Team