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Who can use the Library

NHS staff

Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust (LTHT) staff can use the University Library. This includes trainee doctors and dentists, dental nursing students, and dental nurses working at the Leeds Dental Institute

Membership entitles you to use, and borrow from, all the University library sites.

Register for Library membership

You can register online before visiting, or in person. On your first visit please go to any Library reception desk during core hours and bring your LTHT staff ID.

Alternatively, you can request a letter of introduction from the LTHT Library and Information Services Manager; bring this with you when you visit.

What you can access

NHS staff can:

You will have additional rights if you are also an honorary member of University staff.

Other health staff

Private sector health staff or NHS staff not employed by Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust may, for a fee, join as an external member.

If you are a University of Leeds graduate, you can join as a graduate member.