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Organise with EndNote groups

Group sets

You can organise groups into group sets, to add more structure to your library.

For example, you could create a group set to keep all the groups you’ve made for one module or project separate from the groups you’ve made for other modules or projects.

Create a group set

To create a group set, go to the “Groups” option in the toolbar, and select “Create Group Set”. The new group set will appear in the left-hand panel. Give the new group set a name. You can then click and drag groups to move them into the group set.

Delete a group set

Deleting a group set will delete all the groups within the set, so if you want to keep them, you should click and drag groups out of the group set before deleting it.

To delete a group set, right-click it and choose “Delete Group Set” from the menu.

Watch the following Clarivate video (no audio) for a demonstration of creating group sets: