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Literature searching service

The Library’s Research Support Team provides a free literature searching service to support research aligned with the University’s strategic priorities.

Who can we support?

Our team of information specialists supports interdisciplinary, solution or discovery-based research focusing on societal challenges, for example research linked to the UN Sustainability Development Goals. Research areas we support include Climate Change, Anti-Microbial Resistance, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Design and Technology Innovation, and research about alternative social and economic models. We also support strategic research planning activities to identify future research priorities.

The literature searching service complements our bibliometrics service, which supports research groups to measure and benchmark the impact of their research, identify new and emerging areas of research and potential collaborators.

How can we help you?

We can develop literature searches for evidence syntheses including:

  • horizon scanning of academic and grey literature to identify new and emerging areas of research
  • scoping searches and reviews to identify research gaps and opportunities
  • rapid reviews to provide literature summaries on research questions
  • systematic reviews to appraise and synthesise evidence relating to a research question.

We cannot conduct literature searches that form part of assessed academic work. For support with literature searching in connection with assessed work please email the Research Support Team.

Guidance is also available on the library's literature searching webpages and the Research Support Team run an online workshop programme open to all research students and staff.

Why use our service?

We have expert knowledge and extensive experience in devising and undertaking literature searches in a timely manner. Research shows that involving information specialists in literature reviews correlates with higher quality search strategies.

How will we work with you?

We will work closely with your research or strategy group to develop literature searches that are systematic, transparent, and reproducible. We follow evidence-based search methodology and report literature searches in line with recognised standards. Search strategies are peer reviewed to maintain quality. We can assist with reference management by building databases, de-duplicating search results and providing results in a format you request.

Please email us to discuss your requirements.