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EndNote referencing styles

EndNote output styles

You can format your citations and references using different referencing styles in EndNote so that they display as you need them to. There are hundreds of these output styles installed in EndNote, and it is quick and easy to switch between them.

You can download the Leeds referencing styles to your own device so that you can format your references with Leeds Harvard, Leeds Numeric or MHRA.

And if you need to change something about a style, you can edit it so that it appears exactly as you need it to.

Choose an output style

Before you insert any citations into your document, choose the referencing style that you want to use.

To choose a style:

  1. Go to the EndNote tab in Word.
  2. In the Bibliography section, open the “Style” drop-down menu.
  3. Select your style from the list, or click on “Select another style...” to choose a style from a list of all available styles.
  4. Click “OK”

All your citations and references will be formatted in that style.