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Online assessments

Online Time Limited Assessment

Online Time Limited Assessments (OTLA) allow you to access materials such as summaries, notes and textbooks. This type of assessment does not just test your ability to recall information. Instead, you’ll be expected to engage in a critical and analytical manner, to demonstrate how you have understood your topic and that you can apply relevant knowledge to the question.

The For Students website has more information on the rules and systems for taking an Online Time Limited Assessment.

You will be given a time scale to complete your assessment online. You may not be expected to spend this full period on your assessment answer. Your department will provide guidance as to how long you should expect to spend on the assessment or how many words they may expect your answer to contain.

As with any assessment, you will still need to revise in advance and prepare revision notes. The following guidance will help you to start to prepare and plan for your Online Time Limited Assessment.