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Presentations: posters

Effective poster presentations

An effective poster presentation and a good oral presentation share many qualities: it's important to know your audience and their needs, be confident of your purpose, and to convey your key message with impact. Poster presentations challenge you to communicate your research in a different way to oral presentations or written assignments.

Before you start, make sure you read the marking and assessment guidelines and follow them.

Here are some key things that make an effective poster:

  • Attractive visual impact to entice people to read it
  • A compelling title, interesting and intriguing enough to compel your audience’s attention
  • A clear message that differentiates your research poster from others
  • Good use of images and diagrams – a picture paints a thousand words in a restricted space
  • An obvious reading order
  • Audience interaction – is there something you want your audience to do, or think about, as a result of reading your poster?

This guide will cover planning and designing your poster presentation. We will also consider how poster presentations are assessed.