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Revision and exams

Revision and exams

The exam period can be a stressful time so it's best to be prepared so that you feel as confident as possible for each exam you take.

The first stage towards this is to develop strategies to improve exam preparation through:

  • planning your revision
  • practising revision strategies and techniques to become more effective at revising
  • making sure you're ready on the day.

The second stage is to know how to optimise your performance in the exam by:

  • having an exam strategy
  • making sure you answer the question(s)
  • gaining the most marks with impressive answers.

Take a look through these pages for our advice on the different aspects of exams and revision or read through our handy quick guide to revision and exams (PDF) for some useful tips and techniques for you to apply. Alternatively, listen to our podcast as part of the ‘Future You’ series on Spotify.