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Where to publish

Where to publish

It is crucial to find the most appropriate journal to submit your research to, so that it attracts the attention it deserves and reaches the relevant audience. These pages summarise what you should consider when deciding where to submit your work.

Learn how to evaluate a journal’s scope, peer-review process, metrics and open access options, and how to spot a predatory journal. Ensure you have the information you need to determine the quality, reputation and ethics of a journal and understand your publication options.

Throughout your research career you should continue to check that you are publishing in the most appropriate place.

Consider your goals

It’s useful to think about what you want to achieve. Who is your intended audience, and what is the best way to reach them? Are you looking to influence policy? Do you want to reach specialists outside of your discipline or engage the public? Are you looking to publish in an established journal, or would an alternative venue provide a better fit?

Scope with a literature search

During the early stages of your research, consider running a literature search to highlight journals you might be unaware of, or changing trends in your area.This can help you to access key evidence and to find out where critical papers in your research area are being published.

Check the journal information

When you find a journal of interest, check the aims and scope of the journal, editorial criteria and processes, acceptance rate and average time from submission to publication.

Find out where it is indexed

Check that the journal is indexed by major databases like Web of Science (PDF) and Scopus (PDF). . These databases assess journals by quality criteria before indexing them, for example about peer review and editorial boards. If a journal is included in these two main multidisciplinary databases there is a better chance that it is credible. It is also more likely that research published in these journals will be discovered.

Check for DOIs

Check that the journal allocates Digital Object Identifiers. A DOI is an international and permanent identifier that ensures a persistent link that can be cited and tracked.