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Academic integrity and plagiarism

What is academic integrity?

What is academic integrity?

This is what it means to have academic integrity at the University of Leeds:

Academic integrity is a commitment to good study practices and shared values which ensures that my work is a true expression of my own understanding and ideas, giving credit to others where their work contributes to mine.

What does this involve?

Academic integrity means engaging in good academic practice. This involves essential academic skills, such as keeping track of where you find ideas and information and referencing these accurately in your work.

On these webpages we will explain how you can develop your understanding and skills in order to demonstrate academic integrity in your work.

Why does academic integrity matter?

As members of the University community, we are all committed to openness and honesty in our words and actions. These values are an essential aspect of academic study and research.

When we act with integrity, we receive the credit that we deserve for our work and others receive the credit for theirs. This ensures that no students have an unfair advantage, for example by receiving credit for work that is not their own.

Maintaining high standards of academic integrity within our community is important so that we can uphold the value of a Leeds degree, as well as safeguarding the University’s reputation.