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Digital capabilities

Digital capabilities

Whether your course is completely online or you have a mix of online and face-to-face teaching, our digital capabilities resources will help you make the most of your study and contact time to become an effective online learner.

Watch an introduction to the JISC Digital Capabilities Framework and how this can apply to you:

Get a detailed picture of your current digital skills – then access personalised guidance and resources on the digital capabilities that are most important for you.

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Workshops to support you in developing your digital capabilities.

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Do you have a question about digital capabilities or the tools that you use in your studies? Find out how we can help.

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Digital capabilities framework

The Jisc digital capabilities framework describes the skills and attitudes that individuals need if they are to live, learn and work in a digital society.

How you communicate using digital media and networks, and collaborate in digital teams using shared tools to achieve a goal.

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How you produce digital media, solve problems, make decisions and answer questions, and innovate with new digital practices and solutions.

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How you develop and project an identity and manage your reputation, and how you look after your personal health, safety, relationships and work-life balance in digital settings.

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How you find, evaluate, organise and share information and data, and how you receive and respond to digital messages.

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How you turn digital opportunities into personal learning gains, and support and develop others in digital settings.

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How you use digital devices, networks, applications, software and services, and how you use your digital skills to accomplish tasks.

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