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Research analytics

What is research analytics?

Research analytics involves gathering, analysing and interpreting data to discover patterns and communicate meaningful insights. The data analysed includes research outputs such as journal articles and books, but also grants, patents, datasets, policy documents and clinical trials. 

Analysis can help to:

  • provide evidence of research impact
  • identify suitable outlets for publication
  • discover trends
  • identify potential new collaborators
  • highlight engagement in traditional and social media (altmetrics)

What support does the University provide?

The Research Analytics Service provides analysis at the institutional, faculty, school and individual levels, across both academic and professional service areas. We help you to explore and interpret citation data, collaborations, topic areas and author profiles. We use the most appropriate and responsible research metrics to highlight the visibility and impact, both academic and policy-related, of research outputs to reveal new insights and to support strategic decision-making both within disciplines and for multidisciplinary queries. Our service is guided by the institutional commitment to the responsible use of metrics in the assessment of research.