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Where to publish

Publishing your research as open access

Research shows that publishing open access increases the visibility, discoverability and accessibility of your research. You could use the databases and tools to find out open access journals. Another idea would be to combine open access filters and metrics.

Many funders require that research they fund is made available through open access publishing.


There are different ways to publish an open access journal article, which are broadly split into “green” and “gold” open access routes.

Find out about the different ways you can publish open access, including how to find a reputable open access publisher.

Work through our Journal articles OA checklist to make sure you’ve met all the different requirements for research articles.

Monographs, books, data and code

While the term “open access” tends to refer to journal articles, there is a growing awareness of the need to make a broader range of research outputs openly accessible including books and monographs, research data, software and code.

See the options for publishing other types of research output open access.


A preprint is a version of a scholarly paper that has not yet been through the peer review process. If you are publishing a journal article, hosting your paper on a preprint server can provide effective rapid and early dissemination.

Read how to publish a preprint.

Please check with your school about their approach to preprints and preprint servers.

Further help

Come to a Where to Publish webinar for staff and postgraduate researchers, available on the course catalogue.