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Storing and handling data

University data storage

The University of Leeds has fully managed data storage that is available to all users. We recommend that you save or transfer your files to the University drives – M:drive, N:drive, and OneDrive-University of Leeds – whether on or off campus.

The main causes of data loss are hardware failure (or loss) and user error. Storing your data in these managed and supported drives will help to reduce both the likelihood and scale of data loss that can occur.

The IT team will help you identify all your research data backup and storage needs, the right storage technologies to use, and the associated costs.

Find out more about what file storage options are available from the IT website.

Your private drive – the M: Drive

Every researcher at the University has private storage space allocated on managed server infrastructure. This appears as the M: drive.

You can store data of all classifications (highly confidential, confidential, and unclassified) in your M: drive.

Access is limited to the individual University account holder so this storage space is not suitable for collaborative access to files. This drive can be used from University computers or through CITRIX and Desktop Anywhere.

The quota is set at 5 GB for staff and 1 GB for PhD students. You can request additional quota through the IT service desk.

Shared drive – the N: Drive

The University provides storage aimed at shared access and collaborative working.  Each faculty controls how this space is allocated and how shared access is controlled. This appears as the N: drive.

The N: drive is suitable for storing data deemed to be unclassified or confidential according to the University scheme. Should not be used for highly confidential data.

Each faculty controls how this space is allocated to PIs and project members and how shared access is controlled.

The quota is set by local members of the IT team.

OneDrive-University of Leeds

Every researcher at the University has space allocated on OneDrive-University of Leeds.

This is the only cloud-based facility which is approved for the storage of University classified information, but such information should only be stored for as long as necessary to achieve the immediate sharing requirement. Highly confidential information (as defined in the University’s Information Protection Policy) must only be stored in OneDrive - University of Leeds if encrypted. 

Access is given to the individual researcher who can then share access and work on files collaboratively with colleagues both inside and outside the University

The standard storage quota is 1 TB.