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Getting permission to use copyright material

If the copying you want to do is not covered by fair dealing or the University's licences, you will need the permission of the copyright owner.

How to get permission:

  • Check whether the copyright owner gives "blanket" permission for your intended use
  • If not, identify and locate (two separate tasks) the copyright owner
  • Contact the copyright owner and ask for permission for each intended usage of the copyright material
  • Wait. Copyright clearance can be slow, and you must not take lack of response as permission
  • When the copyright owner responds, consider whether their terms are acceptable, negotiate if appropriate, and decide whether to go ahead with the planned use of the work
  • Get permission in writing (fax or email is acceptable), and keep this for the duration of the project.

The Strategic Content Alliance IPR Toolkit, particularly Section 3.1 Getting Permissions, gives some useful information.