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Trigonometry explores the relationships between angles and side lengths in triangles.

In these videos you'll learn:

  • how to use basic trigonometric functions(eg sin, cos, tan) to find side lengths and angles in triangles
  • rules and identities involving these functions
  • how to convert between degrees and radians.

Click on the 3-bar menu icon in the top left of the video to navigate to different videos in the playlist.

Playlist order:

  1. Pythagoras Theorem
  2. Sin, cos and tan 1
  3. Sin cos and tan 2
  4. Exact value triangles
  5. Converting degrees to radians
  6. Converting radians to degrees
  7. Trigonometric identities 1
  8. Trigonometric identities 2
  9. Trigonometric identities 3
  10. Solving trig equations 1
  11. Solving trig equations 2
  12. Solving trig equations 3
  13. Solving trig equations 4
  14. Solving trig equations 5
  15. The sine rule
  16. The cosine rule
  17. Cosine and sine rule combined