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Revision and exams

Exam preparation

Make sure that you prepare yourself for your exam. This is not just about revision, you also need to make sure you know where, when and how long your exam will be.

This sounds obvious but ensuring that you’ve taken care of everything in advance will allow you to arrive calm and confident at the exam.

Exam preparation checklist

Check that you know the following:

  • date and time
  • building and room and how to get there
  • when you need to arrive
  • the nearest toilets
  • what you can take in to the exam, including books, materials, and stationery
  • whether you can bring your bag, and if not where you can store it
  • whether you need any special equipment
  • whether you write in ink or pencil
  • how long the exam lasts
  • how many questions you will have to answer
  • the type of questions (eg essay, multiple choice, short answers)
  • which questions carry the most marks
  • how many parts the exam has
  • how much time per question.

For more detailed advice, download our exam preparation checklist (PDF)