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Research-based learning

During your time at Leeds you will develop the skills and ability to undertake your own research project.

Research-based learning allows you to develop a range of skills that will make you a more experienced, well-rounded graduate and better equip you to be successful in the employment market.

Being a student at Leeds is an excellent place to develop these research skills. As one of the UK’s top research universities, our research is rated as "world leading" or "internationally excellent". You have the opportunity to contribute to this research as a student here.

What is a dissertation and why is it important?

The research-based learning journey ends with an autonomous piece of research work in your final year. This self-directed piece of research gives you an opportunity to consolidate the skills you have acquired throughout your programme of study. It is considered the pinnacle of your academic achievement. This piece of research is sometimes referred to as a dissertation, research project or final year project (for undergraduates).

Watch the following video to hear academics from the University of Leeds talk about final year projects and why they are important:

Take a look at the following video to hear students from Leeds talk about how they benefited from undertaking their final year projects: