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Using your feedback

Make a feedback plan

A feedback plan will help you identify learning points that will help with future assignments or exams. Resist the temptation to just file it away – it may contain lots of useful information to help you improve. Feedback from one module can apply to another.

Check you understand

Before you create your plan, ask yourself:

  • Do you understand the feedback?
  • Is anything unclear? Ask the tutor if not.
  • Does your feedback match how you thought you had done on the assignment? Put your plan away now for a couple of days, then reflect again.

Record your feedback

Once you understand your feedback, make sure you record it.

  • Keep it in a feedback portfolio.
  • Highlight what might be useful for future work.
  • Note down any recurring themes to plan for future work or for exam revision.

Make a plan

Prioritise what you need to do first. Look for what has lost you marks or what you frequently struggle with.

Note down what you have learned from this feedback overall.

Take action

Think about how best to feed your feedback forward. Ask your tutor for help if you are unsure.

This feedback plan template (PDF) will help you organise your feedback from each assignment so that you can find ways of feeding it forward.

The Library offers online resources and skills workshops for students who need further help with a particular academic skill.

Make a note of feedback and use your Leeds for Life timeline to plan any follow-up actions that will help you to improve your performance on your next assignment.