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Academic integrity and plagiarism

Further information and support

If you are worried or unsure about any aspect of academic integrity, please talk to your academic tutor or module leader.

You can learn techniques for note making, reading, summarising, referencing and proof-reading with Skills@Library through online resources, workshops, one-to-one consultations and drop-in sessions.

All new students must complete the Academic Integrity Tutorial and Test, which strengthens your understanding of good academic practices and declares your commitment to these.

If you want to find out more about academic integrity and malpractice, please see the resources and policies below.

Student advice and guidance

Leeds University Union (LUU) provide a clear overview of the procedures involved in cases of suspected plagiarism.

These helpful articles on Plagiarism and Cheating also provide clear answers to questions such as, “What is Contract Cheating” and details of the support that LUU offers to students accused of academic malpractice. You can also watch the following video provided by LUU to explain what is meant by ‘Contract Cheating’.

University policies and procedures

Cases of academic misconduct involving taught students are defined and investigated using official policies from the Student Cases team in the Secretariat. It is important to remember that these documents are mainly intended to be read and used by university staff, so their language may appear more detached and severe than the student-facing advice.

Other university guidance

  • Examination Materials — explains which materials you are allowed to have and use for on-campus examinations and which items are not permitted. The possession of unauthorised items is a key factor in the university’s policies on cheating in examinations, so it is important to consult and follow this guidance carefully.
  • University Proof-reading Policy — explains the role and responsibilities that students have in proof-reading their own work and identifies the specific forms of advice and support that students are allowed to receive from university staff
  • Copyright explained — detailed advice on all aspects of copyright, including guidance on how copyrighted materials can be used for academic purposes.