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Searching for information

Searching beyond the Library

As your course progresses you will be expected to find and use a wide variety of sources and to research more independently. This will be especially important for your final-year project, or more advanced study.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is another good search tool for finding journal articles. If you are searching off-campus click 'Settings' then 'Library Links' to search for and add the University of Leeds. This will allow you to see which articles Leeds University Library subscribes to, and then get the whole article.

Journal databases

For research projects, you may need to undertake more detailed or comprehensive searches. Journal databases contain information about journal articles, and offer more advanced searching, as well as helping you discover information outside of Leeds University Library.

Learn more about finding journal articles online (activity). You will be introduced to some basic searching techniques that you can adapt and apply when searching within different resources such as Library journal databases and Google Scholar.

Further help

For more guidance: