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Add references and full text

Import PDFs into your library

You can import PDFs or folders of PDFs to create new references in your EndNote library.

To import a PDF file:

  1. Click “File” then “Import” and choose either “File...” (single PDF) or “Folder...” (for a batch).
  2. Choose the PDF file or folder of PDFs you want to import.
  3. From the “Import Option” drop-down menu, select “PDF”.
  4. Choose an option from the “Duplicates” drop-down menu (a reference is considered a duplicate when the Author, Year, Title, and Reference Type match a reference already in the library):
    • Import All: Imports all references, including duplicates.
    • Discard Duplicates: Imports all references except duplicates.
    • Import into Duplicates Library: Duplicate references are imported into a library called File-Dupl.enl, where ”File" is the name of the library into which you are importing.
  5. Select a “Text Translation” option. The default value is No Translation.
  6. Click “Import”.

If you are importing a folder, ensure that you select “Include files in subfolders” before importing.

Once imported, EndNote will extract the basic bibliographic data and create a reference. If this fails, you will need to manually edit the reference yourself. You can do this by clicking the reference and then Edit on the summary tab window.

Check all the details extracted from PDF files carefully to make sure that they are accurate and that the information appears in the right fields.