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Add references and full text

Manually enter references

You will need to enter information into EndNote manually if you want to add references for print items or websites, or if you can't transfer your search results into EndNote by exporting references.

How to enter references

To enter new references:

  1. Go to your EndNote library.
  2. Select “References” and then “New Reference”, or press “Ctrl+N” on your keyboard, or click the “New Reference” button (a clipboard with a plus sign).
  3. Choose the appropriate reference type from the “Reference Type” drop-down menu.
  4. Enter information in the relevant fields only. If you’re unsure which fields to use, check the guidance for your referencing style and our advice for selecting EndNote reference types for different information souces.
  5. Click the “Save” button to add the reference to your library. You can then close the reference window and return to the library.

Author formatting

Authors can be entered in the format Bloggs, Jo C. or Jo C. Bloggs. Red text indicates that a name has not been entered into your library before.

Where there is more than one author, enter them on separate lines (press “Enter” on your keyboard to move to a new line).

Organisations as authors

Organisation names must be followed by a comma when written in the Author field, eg Department of Health,. If you do not add the comma, EndNote will assume the last word is a surname and your citations will appear as (Health, 2005) and not (Department of Health, 2005).

Watch our video on how to enter references manually: