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Add references and full text

Attach full-text articles or other documents

You can attach PDF, Word, and Excel files to references already in your EndNote library.

To attach a file:

  1. Click the reference to which you want to attach the file.
  2. Click the “+ Attach file” button (on the right-hand summary window).
  3. Choose the file on your computer and click “Open”.

The PDF filename will appear as a button on the summary tab window to show that a file is attached to the reference. Click the button for options including opening, renaming or deleting the file.

By default, EndNote will make a copy of the file and place it in a folder associated with your EndNote library. If you just want to link to the original, make sure you un-select the box marked “Copy this file to the default file attachment folder and create a relative link”.

Find out more about these options in the Clarivate Knowledgebase article on attaching PDF files in EndNote.

Watch our video on how to attach files to your references: