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Add references and full text

Find Full Text feature

EndNote can search for the full text of articles in your library and attach either the PDF or insert a link into the reference. It does this by searching in specific places online, including Web of Science, PubMed, DOIs and OpenURLs.

To make full use of this feature you need to configure the settings in your EndNote library. You must be using EndNote 20.3 or higher for this to work correctly.

Configure your EndNote settings

To configure the settings:

  1. In your EndNote library, go to “Edit” then “Preferences”
  2. Choose “Find Full Text” from the left-hand menu
  3. Ensure all four boxes are ticked (Web of Science, DOI, PubMed, OpenURL)
  4. In the “OpenURL Path” box, copy and paste this URL:
  5. In the “Authenticate With” box, copy and paste this URL:
  6. Choose to tick or un-tick the “automatically invoke Find Full Text” box
  7. Click “Apply” and then “OK” to save your settings.

Run Find Full Text

When you have configured the settings, you can run the Find Full Text feature.

To find full text:

  1. Select the references that you want to find full text for.
    To select a list of several references, you can select the top reference in the list, then hold Shift while clicking the bottom reference in the list.
    Alternatively, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking individual references if you want to choose specific ones from a group.
  2. Go to “References” and then click “Find Full Text” and then “Find Full Text”.
    You may see a window pop up asking you to log in with your University of Leeds details. If you do, just use your usual University login (email address and password), and then press the “Continue” button to close the window.

EndNote will start to search for the full text of the selected items. You will see a paperclip icon appear to the left of any reference which has full text attached.

You can see the progress of the Find Full Text feature in the left-hand panel. EndNote will create new temporary groups called “Searching”, “Found PDF”, “Found URL”, and “Not Found”.

No full text found

Sometimes EndNote will not be able to find full text for some articles. You might need to find and save the full text document yourself through another database or the publisher’s website. Use Library Search to check if we have access to the article and to find full text. If you do find it, follow our instructions to attach the PDF to the reference.