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Copyright exceptions

Other copyright exceptions

There are several other copyright exceptions that may apply, including copying for people with disabilities.

The following are exempt from copyright:

  • making temporary copies (internet browsing or sending material by fax)
  • library privilege (copying on behalf of customers, but not artistic works)
  • judicial proceedings
  • abstracts (but not from an abstracting bulletin, as this is a database with its own associated rights)
  • incidental inclusion (where something is unintentionally included such as a poster in a film)
  • reading in public by a single person (with due acknowledgement of author/rights owner)
  • adverts in sales catalogues
  • off-air recording from television or radio (time shifting)
  • representations of buildings and sculptures permanently sited in a public place.

Copying for people with disabilities

You may make single or multiple copies of the whole or part of a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work in a format which is accessible to a person with a disability.

This includes screen-readable formats, audio, subtitles, and Braille.

Copies may be made by the person themselves or by someone acting on their behalf; in addition, the University is authorised to make multiple copies of items for people with disabilities.

The person with a disability must own an original printed copy of the item or have access to a reference copy, and there must not be a version available commercially in the format required. If there is, the item must be purchased in the format required.

Contact Disabled Students' Assessment and Support for further information on support available to members of the University with disabilities.