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Measuring research impact

Responsible metrics

What is responsible metrics?

Responsible metrics is the appropriate and responsible use of quantitative indicators in the assessment of research performance. Scenarios where metrics can form part of assessment include recruitment and review processes.

Recent reports and initiatives include:

The goal is to make sure that metrics are applied appropriately when research quality is assessed. Universities and research funders are encouraged to prove they use metrics responsibly.

Funders are starting to require that those in receipt of funding demonstrate their ongoing commitment to responsible metrics. For example, Wellcome's updated policy comes into effect in January 2021. Wellcome have also issued Guidance for research organisations on how to implement the principles of the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment.

What is happening at the University?

The University acknowledges peer review and expert judgement as critical components when assessing research. It also recognises the value that quantitative metrics can play in supporting decision-making.

The University is committed to responsible metrics and has signed the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA).

The Research and Innovation Board set up a Task and Finish Group in October 2019, to explore support for DORA across all faculties. The response from Directors of Research was positive and concluded that the University should become a signatory to DORA.

A statement on the University’s commitment to the principles of DORA will be available soon on the University website. More information, including what this means for researchers and managers as well as support available, will follow in 2020.