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Sharing data

Using a DOI for data citation

Your data will be treated like other types of publication. It can generate citations and be allocated a Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

A DOI is a unique string of characters that provides a persistent link for your data. All data repositories should be able to provide a persistent identifier, which is usually a DOI.

Generate a DOI for your data

You can generate a DOI for your research data from the Research Data Leeds repository.

Fill in this form with information about your research data and any significant deadlines (if you are publishing a paper). We aim to allocate a DOI within two working days.

Provide a data DOI when you publish

Include your data DOI(s) in your published work. DOIs should always be expressed as a clickable link in the form (doi:10.1234/abcd) or a full URL (

DOI numbers broken down

A DOI number begins with a 10 and contain a prefix and suffix separated by a slash.

The British Library allocates the prefix before the forward slash, which indicates the data host or organisation.

The suffix is controlled by the data host.