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Funder requirements


The Medical Research Council (MRC) require that you:

  • Write a data management plan (DMP) for all projects.
  • Submit your DMP with the grant application.
  • Ensure your DMP's length is proportionate to the project's complexity, varying from a quarter of a page to three pages maximum.
  • Deposit data in a suitable repository.
  • Include costs for managing and sharing substantial data resources/collections (see below) in the Je-S Proposal Form.
  • Email draft plans for comment to the Research Data team.

The MRC define substantial data as people, equipment, infrastructure, and tools to manage, store, analyse and provide access to data.

You should differentiate in broad terms between resources and funding for:

  • collecting and "cleaning" new data
  • own research on newly-acquired and legacy data
  • ongoing data curation and preservation
  • providing access and data sharing.

MRC guidance

You should refer to the MRC's guidance on data sharing and data management planning.