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Images and copyright

For the purposes of copyright, images are considered under the term Artistic works.

These can be:

  • photographs
  • decorative graphics
  • illustrations
  • building plans
  • sculptures
  • cartoons
  • paintings
  • engravings
  • sketches
  • blueprints
  • diagrams
  • drawings
  • charts
  • maps
  • graphs
  • logos
  • moving images (films and TV broadcasts).

Before you include any of these in webpages (including the VLE and other restricted access sites), handouts, or PowerPoint presentations, you must have the permission of the rights owner - unless you know the image is out of copyright or covered by a licence held by the University of Leeds.

Copyright in artistic works lasts until 70 years after the death of the artist/photographer. However, there may be other legal protection preventing you from using the work (eg a cartoon character may be registered as a trademark; films or broadcasts may have associated performance rights).

Further advice and help with copyright of images

Some organisations that give information on their websites:

Or contact us.