Leeds University Library

Deposit and share the data

Deposit with the Research Data Leeds repository

  1. Complete the deposit template
  2. Research Data Leeds will advise on where to store your data files for upload into the Leeds data repository researchdataenquiries@leeds.ac.uk

See an example of what data looks like in Research Data Leeds.

For all data

  1. Check the commitments for data retention and sharing in your data management plan
  2. Check the data sharing requirements of your funder and/or your publisher
  3. Select an appropriately repository service or data centre for your data
  4. Wherever you are going to deposit, chunk your data into meaningful units
  5. Decide whether your data will be made available immediately or after an embargo period
  6. Decide whether your data can be made openly available or should be restricted
  7. Apply a reuse licence to your data. Your repository service or data centre can advise on available options.