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Reference lists and bibliographies

A reference list is normally considered to be a list of the citations that have appeared in the body of your work. How it is arranged will depend on the referencing style you are using.

Bibliographies list all the sources you consulted in your research and, because they include sources you may not have cited in your work, are usually arranged alphabetically by author surname.

Many people use these terms interchangeably, so if you are unsure about which one to include check with your school.

Harvard style referencing

Include a reference list, organised alphabetically by author surname.  You may also include a full bibliography, listing all the information you consulted in your research (also arranged alphabetically).

In some schools it is acceptable to just provide a full bibliography - check with your school regarding their requirements.

Numeric style referencing

Include a reference list, listing citations in the order they appear in your work. Repeated citations to the same item have the same number within the text as the first citation.

If you are required to include a full bibliography (listing all the information sources you consulted in your research), it should be arranged alphabetically by author surname (as references that you have not cited in your work will not be numbered).