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Watch the video playlist below for guidance on how to integrate various functions.

Click on the 3-bar menu icon in the top left of the video to navigate to different videos in the playlist.

Playlist consists of:
  1. Integrating constants
  2. Integrating powers of x
  3. Integrating sin x and cos x
  4. Integrating tan x
  5. Integrating ex - example 1
  6. Integrating ex - example 2
  7. Integrating Ln x
  8. Integration by substitution
  9. Integration by parts: the basics
  10. Integration by parts: trigonometric 
  11. Integration by parts: repeating integrals
  12. Definite integrals interpretation
  13. Definite integrals: more examples
  14. Volumes of a revolution: example 1
  15. Volumes of a revolution: example 2
  16. Surface area of a revolution