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Discovery Tool

The Jisc Discovery Tool helps you to assess your digital experience and skills.

First, you answer sets of questions that relate to your digital skills, understanding and confidence. These cover different aspects of your digital experience for study and personal development. You then receive a personal report, along with a resource bank of advice and activities to draw upon to develop your skills. This includes topics such as how to reduce your digital carbon footprint, manage your personal workload or solve digital problems.

Go to the Discovery Tool

Getting started

Go to the Discovery Tool webpage. We use single sign-on, so in the “Find your organisation” box type: University of Leeds, then select Continue. Enter your University username and password to access the tool.

To assess your digital capabilities, choose “Question sets and reports for students” and then “Current students (Higher Education)”.

The Discovery tool: student guide gives full instructions.

Discovery tool buttons that select question sets and then current students

Your results and resources

Once you have answered all the questions, you will see your results. They will help you to understand your strengths and your areas for development. Follow the links to resources to start to develop your skills.

Your answers and your report are completely anonymous and personal to you and cannot be accessed by anyone else. However, you can choose to share your results or your report. This could be helpful when talking with your tutor, or others who can help you to identify other opportunities to develop your skills.

More about the Discovery Tool

The Discovery Tool is based upon the JISC digital capabilities framework (PDF). Its aim is to aid understanding and self-reflection, and then offer opportunities for skills development. The questions are developmental and designed to foster understanding rather than to test knowledge. They reflect real world digital practices and have been reviewed by expert panels and checked against professional role profiles.