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Mathematics and statistics

Do you need to deal with data as a part of your course? Does it contain calculations? Need to brush up on some maths or statistics you've forgotten?

We’re here to help you solve any issues you have with maths or statistics in your course, big or small.

Drop by the Edward Boyle Library, level 9, during the following time each week if you have any quick questions or would like to know more about the support available.

Tuesdays, 13:00 – 15:00

See what else we offer below, or request an appointment with our friendly advisors and work with us to do well in your course!


Sign up for a workshop to tackle some common issues in a friendly environment, including:

Statistics resources

See what datasets are available for research projects. These may also help if you are trying to prove a theory or hypothesis.

More on Datasets

Use AppsAnywhere to access statistical software to analyse data, including SPSS, SAS, STATA.

More on Software

Find out which statistical test is the best one to use when you analyse data.

More on Statistical tests

Worked examples

See our worked examples and guidance videos across different branches of mathematics and statistics. These videos were generously supported by alumni and friends through the Footsteps Fund.