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5 things about open access

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1. Open access increases readership

Open access papers are downloaded and cited more than three times as often as articles available only through subscription.

Read the paper from the Research Information Network in Nature Communications: Nature communications: a citation analysis (PDF)

2. It can be free

It can be done for free - take a green open access route and it won't cost you anything.

3. REF requires open access

If you want your journal articles and conference papers to be eligible for the next REF, you need to make them open access as soon as they are accepted for publication.

4. Open up access with the University publications database

Deposit the bibliographic details and full text of all your research outputs through the University publications database, and they will be made open access, in line with journal copyright and embargoes.

5. Funding is available for open access

Depending on your funder, you may be able to apply for funding [LINK] to help pay for article processing charges if you take a gold open access route.

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