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Academic integrity and plagiarism

How plagiarism is detected

There are a number of ways that plagiarism can be detected at the University. Your lecturer and supervisor will know of the existing literature and ideas. Your work may also be submitted through the text-matching tool Turnitin.

Lecturer knowledge

Your tutors will be familiar with the literature and ideas that are core to a topic area. They will know if you try to pass off someone else's work and ideas as your own.

If you copy word for word from other sources, your lecturer is likely to notice obvious changes in writing style and a poor flow to your writing.

Supervisor knowledge

Your research supervisor will be aware of the literature in your area of research. Discuss with your supervisor how your research fits with the research of others in your field.

If you are working towards a research degree, you need to be clear about your research contribution or you will struggle to meet the assessment criteria.


Turnitin is a text-matching tool. It helps academic staff to detect where plagiarism may have occurred.

University penalties and procedures