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Organise with EndNote groups

Combination groups

You can use a combination group to compare or contrast the contents of two or more of your groups.

You can create a combination group from up to ten existing groups, and use it to see which references appear in all groups, any of the groups, or in some groups but not others, using And, Or, or Not.

Create a combination group

To create a combination group, go to the “Groups” menu on the top toolbar and choose “Create From Groups”.

In the box that pops up, give the new group a name, then select existing groups from the drop-down “Select a Group” menu. You can choose And, Or, or Not to combine the groups according to your preferences, and use the plus button to add extra groups if necessary.

Examples of combination groups you could use are:

  • References in “chapter 1” but NOT in “chapter 2”
  • References in either “Chapter 1” OR in “chapter 2”
  • References in both “Chapter 1” AND in “chapter 2”

Watch the following Clarivate video (no audio) for a demonstration of combination groups: