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Access to EndNote

EndNote on your computer desktop

You can access EndNote via AppsAnywhere from your own computer, on Windows and Mac devices. Watch a short video demonstration of using AppsAnywhere to find and launch EndNote or click the Windows or Mac tab to read a step-by-step guide to the process.

Windows devices

AppsAnywhere can “stream” apps to your Windows desktop, which means you can run EndNote on your computer without having to download and install it first. You can save the file of your EndNote library to your computer and use it with Word in exactly the same way as if you installed the software on your computer.

AppsAnywhere will install a small piece of software called the “Cloudpaging Player” to your computer to enable you to stream apps. Follow the instructions on the IT website to install the Cloudpaging Player and validate your device. Then, once you have installed the Cloudpaging Player, go back to the AppsAnywhere website and use the Search Apps bar at the top of the page to search for EndNote. Click “Launch” to run the software.  

Once you have gone through this process to set up EndNote on your laptop, you can launch the software directly from the Cloudpaging Player each time you want to use EndNote. Just open the apps menu on your laptop, click “Cloudpaging Player”, select “EndNote” and click “Launch”. Every so often, you might be asked to go back to the AppsAnywhere website to validate your device again.

Save your library to your hard drive.

Once you have EndNote open on your computer, click “File” and “New” to create and save a library to your hard drive. Do not save your library in OneDrive or other cloud locations, as the library can become corrupted.

Mac devices

You can download a copy of EndNote from AppsAnywhere.

You will need to go to the AppsAnywhere website and install the AppsAnywhere software to your computer. You can then find EndNote from the list of apps on the website and click to download it.

After you have accepted the terms and conditions, you will be taken to a page where you can access the installer file as well as a PDF. You should download both items. The PDF contains the product key for the software.

Once you have downloaded and run the installer file, you will have EndNote on your computer and can start using it to create a library and add references. We recommend using EndNote with Microsoft Word, but it is also compatible with the Pages app.

Create a library

When you create a new EndNote library, do not save it in Desktop or Documents, because folders that are synced with iCloud can cause your library to corrupt over time.

Instead, to create a new EndNote library:

  1. Open the Finder, and then look at the top toolbar and click Go.
  2. Click the Home option (with a home symbol) and select your own name
  3. Click the three dots button and click New Folder.
  4. Give the new folder a name like “Endnote library”.
  5. Now launch the EndNote app, and look at the top of your screen to see the Endnote toolbar.
  6. Click File and New.
  7. Press Shift, Command and H together to access your home folder which has your name on it, and find the new folder you created in step 4.
  8. Click the new folder and then click Save. Do not click “save as package”.

Missing EndNote tab in Word

Some users report that the EndNote tab does not appear in Word when using EndNote via AppsAnywhere.

If this is the case for you, create an EndNote Online account (or log in to your existing EndNote Online account). Then, in EndNote Online, go to “Downloads” and download the appropriate version of the “Cite While You Write” tool for your Windows or Mac computer. Once you have downloaded and installed Cite While You Write, the Endnote tab should appear on the toolbar in Word.