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EndNote Online guide

Create citations and references with EndNote Online

You can use EndNote Online’s “Cite While You Write” feature to create citations and reference lists in Word, just as you can with the desktop version of EndNote.

Install the Cite While You Write plug-in

You will need to install the EndNote Online “Cite While You Write” plug-in.

From the top toolbar in EndNote Online, click the “Downloads” tab and choose the appropriate download from the “Cite While You Write” section.

Once installed, an EndNote tab should appear in your Microsoft Word toolbar. Use the extra tools here to insert citations and references.

Choose a reference style

To format references in Microsoft Word, go to the EndNote Online tab and use the "Style" drop-down menu to select the correct style for your references.

At the University of Leeds, most students are expected to use one of two styles: Leeds Harvard or Leeds Numeric. We have created these EndNote output style files, as well as a Leeds version of the MHRA style.

To use the Leeds styles in Word with EndNote Online:

  1. Log in to EndNote Online.
  2. Click the “Format” tab and then “Bibliography”.
  3. Click “Select Favorites”.
  4. Scroll down the list of the available styles to find either “LeedsUniHarvard”, “LeedsUniNumeric”, or “MHRA (Footnote) Leeds Univ”.
  5. Click the style and then select “Copy to Favorites”.
  6. In your Word document, go to the “EndNote” tab and open the “Style” drop-down menu.
  7. Click “Select Another Style…”
  8. Select the style from the list.

If you cannot find the Leeds styles in EndNote Online, you will need to log in to your EndNote Online account on a university cluster computer or via the Windows Virtual Desktop to link your account with the university.