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EndNote Online guide

Share your library and collaborate

You can work collaboratively with others (up to 400 people) on an EndNote library. You can only share one library per EndNote Online account. If you have two libraries you want to share, each of them would need to be synced with a different EndNote Online account.

How to share your library

To share your library with others:

  1. Set up your EndNote Online account and set your Sync settings.
  2. Next, go to “File” and “Share”.
  3. Type in the email addresses of the people you want to share your library with.
  4. Set the permissions you want them to have (Read & Write or Read Only).
  5. Then click Invite.

The other users will be sent an email inviting them to share your library. They will need to have, or create, an EndNote Online account in order to do this.

You can edit sharing permissions or remove users from your shared library at any time by going back to “File” and “Share” to manage the list of current users.

How to access a shared library

If someone else shares their library with you, you will receive an email asking you to accept the sharing invitation.

Once you have accepted the invite, go to “File” and “Open shared library”.

You will see a list of people who have shared their library with you. Select the person whose library you want to open, and click “Open”.

The library will open in a new EndNote window.

Working in a shared library

A shared library will regularly sync any changes you or other users make, so that everyone sees the latest updates.

To keep track of changes that others have made in a shared library click “Sync Status” in the left-hand panel, then click the bell icon to open the Activity Feed. This will give a list of all recent actions by users of the shared library, for example, adding, moving or deleting references or groups.