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Open access policies

The significance of open access publishing has been recognised in the policies of many major funders, as well as the University of Leeds publications policy. You must adhere to both funder and University policy when making your research open access.

Funder policies

Major funders require that outputs produced as part of their funded projects must be open access. These include:

Cancer Research UK will align their policy with Plan S in 2022.

Funders set different requirements about what and how outputs are made open access. Check the funder policy using Sherpa Juliet before publishing. You can then use SHERPA/FACT to confirm that your chosen journal meets your funder’s policy.

Open access policy for the REF

To be eligible for submission to the next REF, all journal articles and conference papers accepted from 1 April 2016 must be added to Symplectic as soon as possible after acceptance for publication.

University of Leeds publication policy

The University publications policy (PDF) requires that all newly accepted research outputs are recorded in Symplectic (the University publications database) within three months of acceptance, and full text copies deposited where appropriate.