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Data management planning

Complete a University of Leeds DMP

The University of Leeds data management plan (DMP) will complement your funder plan. It ensures that local resources are in place or costed into your bid.

Always start your funder plan first. The University of Leeds DMP will be completed naturally during the DMP process.

Download the University of Leeds DMP template (DOCX).

What to include in your Leeds DMP

The University of Leeds DMP should include:

  • your name, role and lead institution (if not the University of Leeds)
  • basic project details (including KRISTAL reference, project title, duration, funder information, FEC value)
  • a brief overview of the project and proposed research methods
  • whether you will generate new or reuse existing data
  • types of data that you will create, and an indication of the volume
  • whether your project is using sensitive or confidential data
  • where you will store your data
  • how you will share data
  • information about any other IT elements of your project (website, blog, eSurvey, equipment).