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Deposit in Research Data Leeds

Preparing data for repository deposit

File naming

  • File and folder names must not include any spaces or special characters other than hyphens (-) or underscores (_) which may be used to separate words 
  • Use a consistent naming convention with meaningful and descriptive names and structure to aid navigation. For example, Data and Documentation could be top-level zip folders with sub-folders for each file type:   
> Data 
    >> Data_raw 
    >> Data_clean 
    >> Data_metadata 

> Images 
    >> Images_charts 
    >> Images_maps 

> Code 
    >> Code_Visualisation_Script.R 
> Literature_review.docx 
> Methodology  
> readme.txt 

  • Include creation or last modification date and version number in files names where needed, for example: Data_collection_methodology_V1.2_2023_06_21 

Structuring Data  

  • Each top-level folder should be a maximum of 2GB in size  
  • Limit the number of top-level folders to a maximum of 12  
  • Use zip folders at the top level. Avoid nesting zip folders, this does not improve compression and makes navigation and access harder 
  • Please contact: if this structure will not be possible for your data 

File Formats 

We recommend using open file formats where possible. There is more information on choosing file formats on our website

Readme Template 

The readme template includes instructions in square brackets. Complete according to these instructions then delete them 

Metadata Spreadsheet 

  • Enter the information about your dataset into the ‘Datasets’ tab of the spreadsheet 
  • The yellow fields are mandatory 
  • Use a new column where there is more than one entry for a field, for example if you have multiple grant numbers or subjects 
  • The Subjects field uses a controlled list – see the ‘Subjects’ tab for the options and enter only the code, for example I260. You may choose multiple subjects 
  • List your top-level folders and files in the ‘Files’ tab. Title and Description are optional but may help differentiate between files with similar names. Where the Title field is left blank, the record will display the file name. The Content type uses a controlled list: metadata, program or data, most files will be data or documentation. Enter the full filename including the extension, for example readme.txt or Ensure the filename entered matches that of the file and contains no spaces