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Deposit in Research Data Leeds

Repository deposit agreement

Why is a deposit agreement required?

This repository supports the long-term management of digital material. To undertake this role, the administrators of the repository need permission to store, copy and manipulate the material in order to ensure that it can be preserved and made available in the future.

This deposit agreement is designed to give repository administrators the right to do this, and to confirm that the depositor has the right to submit the material to the repository.

The agreement is non-exclusive, and any existing rights are retained. You will be asked to agree to the deposit agreement after you have been allocated a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for your data.

Research Data Leeds deposit agreement

1. As depositor of this data, you warrant:

  • The use of your data put into the repository will not contravene the rights of any third party eg the rights of publishers and research participant's rights of confidentiality/anonymity.
  • The use of your data put into the repository will not contravenes any laws, including but not limited to the law relating to data protection, defamation, or obscenity.
  • You have obtained all appropriate consents to allow the use of your data in the repository eg where required sponsors or fellow authors have agreed to the deposit.

2. As depositor of this data, you understand that:

  • You cannot require the return of or that amendments are made to the data you deposit, however, it is possible to add an updated version of a dataset which will be assigned its own metadata and identifier(s).
  • For the purposes of preservation and accessibility, the University may translate, copy or re-format the deposited data, including sharing data with a third party preservation service.
  • Metadata for this data will appear in public catalogues and on the public internet.
  • Subject to other conditions under this Agreement data will be retained for a minimum period of 10 years.
  • The University may at its discretion without informing you delete/ reject deposited data.
  • The University of Leeds may provide controlled access to the data in conjunction with a third party service eg a service which holds an encryption key for sensitive data to provide an additional layer of security to the data.
  • Whilst the University will endeavour to provide reliable 24 hour access to users of the repository, outages may occur and the University cannot promise reliability or be liable for unavailability.
  • Whilst the University does employ file integrity checking technology it is possible that deposited data may become corrupted and the University cannot be liable for such corruption.
  • Access to your deposited data will be given on user terms that may vary from time to time. Read the latest version of these user terms.
  • The University will on access require users to comply with its user terms but it does not promise to police usage and enforce those terms.

3. The University of Leeds agrees to:

  • grant access to users on end user terms as varied from time to time
  • limit access to the data in accordance with the Terms of Deposit below
  • endeavour to preserve the physical integrity of the deposited data.

4. Terms of Deposit

  • By default, deposited data is made openly available to all.
  • Depositors may apply specific access control through a Terms of Deposit addendum.
  • By default, access to data is immediate upon deposit.
  • During data deposit, depositors may specify an embargo date before which data should not be released.

5. Reuse licence

The default reuse licence is a CC-BY licence. Depositors may select an alternative licence or end user agreement in consultation with the data repository service.

6. Privacy

The name, email contact and departmental affiliation of the data depositor and nominated contact(s) for the data will form part of the metadata record for the dataset; this information will not be released outside the University of Leeds.