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Find, reuse and cite data

Teaching with data

You can use research data for teaching and learning. This is especially useful when laboratory time and fieldwork is limited or not possible, or for distance learners.

You could create data specifically for your students, which you could deposit as a new dataset.

You could use a modified version of existing research data, which might be available in a data repository.

Types of data

Data used for teaching could include experimental measurements, images from instruments, survey results, interview recordings or transcripts.

A dataset can be raw or processed data and can include software to process or open the data files. It could include a lesson plan for reuse by others in their own teaching.

Potential uses of data

A well-curated dataset in a repository provides an example of real-world data collection that students can critically engage with and use to practice data analysis techniques. A rich dataset can support multiple projects or a team project.

You could base projects entirely on the data or use data for comparison purposes for theoretical or modelling based projects.

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Contact the Research Data Management Team to discuss how you can use data in your teaching.

Useful resources

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