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Help in person for taught students

What to expect from your appointment

Our general academic skills appointments last 15–30 minutes. You have the opportunity to work with with a learning advisor to identify your priorities for developing your skills.

You may return to see a learning advisor up to three times per semester. This limit allows us to distribute the support we offer fairly across the taught student population.

If you request an online appointment, you will need internet access and a headset to attend.

Get the most from your 1-to-1 session

When you request your appointment, please tell us:

  • your department
  • the course you are studying
  • which year you are in
  • what you would like to discuss
  • if you need an online appointment
  • whether you are a distance learner.

Where possible email us with the following in advance:

  • examples of some work you have been set
  • an outline of the assessment criteria
  • a timetable of submission dates
  • any work you have already written
  • feedback you have received from your tutor.

What we can do for you

We will negotiate a realistic contract with you, acknowledging your deadlines balanced against other demands on the advisor's time.

We will read and comment on sections of your work, picking out key points and making recommendations for change.

We may signpost you to other appropriate services, such as the Language Centre or Careers Centre, and offer advice on getting the most out of your meetings with your tutor. If necessary we will suggest you return for a follow-up session.

What we cannot do for you

We can't advise on the content of your work as we are not subject specialists.

We can't offer a proofreading service, re-write parts of your assignment for you or offer a quick-fix for a deadline that is approaching. If you need further support please contact your module or personal tutor.

Read the Leeds Univeristy Union proofreading policy guide