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What funding is available for article processing charges (APCs)?

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RCUK and COAF funded research

The University receives a block grant from the Research Councils UK (RCUK) and the Charity Open Access Fund (COAF) to pay open access article processing charges (APCs).

You must make sure that the funding conditions are met.

From April 1st 2017, COAF have introduced a set of requirements that publishers must meet. These publishers meet the requirements: List of COAF compliant publishers. 

COAF funding cannot be used to pay APCs for articles submitted to non-compliant publishers.

Apply for RCUK or COAF open access funding.

What happens after I have successfully applied?

  1. Library sends you a purchase order number
  2. You give purchase order number to publisher to raise an invoice
  3. Invoices should be sent to Accounts Payable
  4. If you are not successful you will be informed and given options for taking the green open access route.

FP7 post-grant Open Access Pilot

Four million euros are being provided by the EC to support open access publication of monographs of journal articles arising post-grant from FP7 projects. Publications funded by the European Research Council and Marie Curie projects are also eligible.

The Gold Open Access pilot does not affect author freedom to choose between the gold and green routes to open access. It will cover OA Article Processing Charges (APCs) for FP7 projects up to two years after they end. A maximum of three publications per FP7 project will be funded.

Authors can apply directly to the project for funding. Before applying you are advised to check the eligibility criteria and application guidelines. Applications should be made as soon as a paper is accepted for publication as the publisher will need to invoice the project directly. 

Other research funders

Other funders may allow you to claim the cost of APCs as part of your grant application. Check funder websites for information.

Institutional memberships

The Library subscribes to a number of institutional memberships that reduce the cost of open access publication for all academic staff and PhD students. When you submit to these publishers, please use your Leeds email address and state your affiliation to the University so that the discount may be applied.

The Library has institutional memberships with the following publishers:

  • Electrochemical Society: Publish open access with ECS for free. Leeds authors are entitled to unlimited Article Credits in place of Article Processing Charges, if they wish to publish their articles as immediately open access. See the ECS open access page for more details  
  • Ubiquity Press: 5% discount on APCs when publishing in any Ubiquity journal.

Credits to cover the full cost of APCs are available on a first come first served basis, regardless of funder, when you publish with:

  • Particular Springer journals.

Please contact research@library.leeds.ac.uk to enquire about these credits.

If you are RCUK or COAF funded, apply for funding.

What funding is available for other publication costs such as page or colour charges?

Funds for publication costs other than APCs are only available for RCUK funded research, but can only be paid in conjunction with an APC.

What if there's no funding available?

If funds are not available to pay for gold open access, or you do not wish to pay APCs, you can make your publications open access by adding them to the institutional repository.

Find out how to add items to the institutional repository through the University publications database.