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The Final Chapter: The Undergraduate Research Project Guide

The Final Chapter is a great online resource designed to support students working on their final year project/dissertation.  

The Final Chapter contains lots of useful information on topics such as planning and preparing your project, doing a literature review and critical thinking.  You can also watch videos of staff and students from the University of Leeds sharing their top tips for success.

We recommend dipping in and out of the Final Chapter, rather than working through it all in one go.  

There is guidance available from the university which covers the general characteristics of a final year project, and also includes what you can expect from your supervision and assessment.  The specific requirements for final year projects will differ between disciplines. Always follow the guidelines that you have been given by your department, and check with your supervisor if you are unsure of your departmental guidance.  

If you are conducting a project which includes research methodologies involving working with people then you may wish to enrol on the VLE organisation 'Researching People'.  It brings together resources to help you consider your research methods, and includes conducting interviews, observations, practice-based research and questionnaires/surveys.