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Microsoft Word and EndNote

Create section bibliographies

You can set your EndNote output style so that it produces a bibliography at the end of each section of a document, instead of one bibliography at the end. You will need to edit your output style to do this.

Watch our video on section bibliographies to learn more:

Edit the output style as follows:

  1. In EndNote, go to “Tools”, then “Output Styles”, then “Open Style Manager” and choose the style you want to use.
  2. Select “Edit” and then click “Sections” from the left-hand panel when the style window opens.
  3. Select “Create a Bibliography For Each Section”.
  4. Click “File” and then “Save as” to save the style as a modified version of the style you are using and close the Style Editing Menu.

How to apply the modified style to your Word document:

  1. Go your Word document.
  2. Select “Edit style” on the EndNote tab.
  3. Click on the style drop down menu and choose “Select Another Style”.
  4. Scroll down the style list until you see your new style and click “OK”.

Your document will update to display the bibliography at the end of each section.

If you make further changes to how you want the bibliography to look, or if you make any other edits to the style, you need to click “Update Citations and Bibliography” to see them in your Word document.